Saturday, April 23, 2011

im soOOOoo deep in love with TERENGGANU


suddenly and accidently, i made my heart fell again

actually, while i was thinking, wondering, plus wandering
what kind of topic that will be interesting for my presentation
for Learning Support subject

at first, to make things easy
just make something related to what i'd done before
perhaps, about
porno things
its lame
not interesting at all!
my hometown
crossed my mind
hah...ehsan already decided on that topic
but then,
he's not from terengganu
he's from kelantan
so, why dont i present something about terengganu?
i came out with a presentation on

frankly speaking, i didnt finish my journey on discovering
even Kuala Terengganu
so, i cant talk on something that i dont know rite?
so...wait ya, my ppt on KUALA TERENGGANU
my beloved hometown!

while searching for materials 
googling here and there
i realized that

how wonderful it is
how grateful i am

to be born here

p/s : sekarang saya berada dalam keadaan super-duper busy
nak update blog even seminggu sekali pun susah..haish!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

they are LIVING, in a PLACE, they should be DYING!

salam sayang semua!
at last, C/3/**, IPGK Tuanku Bainun
got internet connection!!
( after 3 weeks )

i love IPG KTB

important agenda for today
poster on pollution
da siap!
task from Miss Teo, super-duper dedicated lec

this is ours
quote : ese 
pics : googled by cd n me
made by : me 
idea n supports : cik sue wan kembang 


Friday, April 8, 2011

i hate STUPID girls!

salam semua
at last, saya merajen kan diri untuk turun ke bawah blok untuk online
almost three weeks now, i guess
i cant get any internet connection
cant detect any wifi lines

back to business 
stupid girls


i like this quote
deep in meaning
makna dan maksud
siapa yang dah tengok movie ni mesti faham
the heroine, made me first
its not about heroine actually
what i want to say, about our PEREMPUAN and GADIS
susah nak cakap
sickeningly, followed a guy dat doesnt seem interested in her at all
sickeningly, made maksiat to protect their love
to ensure that their lovers always love them

what the h*
susah hati betul
sebab saya macam mula terpengaruh
aim : dont want to be one of those stupid girls
walaupun suka kat somebody
dont! ever be like that

this week
assignments, paperworks, drafts, presentations
apa kan daya
dah namanya students
kadang terlupa, tak baik mengeluh
bila dah tension, bukan ALLAH yang ada di kepala
bila dah happy, bukan ALLAH yang diingati
bila sakit, ALLAH..ALLAH..ALLAH
betapa jauhnya..saya dan DIA

setakat ni dulu

p/s : football friendly match lagi semalam, hebat, besar! bainun - unikl, 0-6
HEBAT, walau KALAH kita tetap semangat
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