Sunday, January 29, 2012

an ANGRY entry for january

salam sejahtera
peace upon you

an angry entry for january
waaa..rhythmic, isn’t it?
sory for my late wish

   gong xi fat cai    

angry? yes, absolutely angry!
i am angry with a very good reason
i realised how corrupted my environment is when i was home for the CNY holiday
i made a decision to stay with my grandparents, not my parents
what i can say?
far from typical, but broken family institution
not mine, but the social environment
sorry to say but the truth is always a pain in the ass

they always lepaking in the evening, near dusk
babbling about their neighbours
gossiping about the new car that one of the neighbour that live a kilometre from them had just bought
making and creating news that totally irrational and hard to digest
seldom, when they got nothing to talk, they critic the government
first day, i was cool
for me, dengar aje lah…tak luak pun
second day, i started to feel annoyed
they wasting their precious old time just like that you know!
bukan nak beribadah minta ampun dari tuhan
and those activities didn’t stop there
so annoying

sometimes someone will come at night
around after maghrib, seldom after isya’
they will continue their hot stories from the evening till late at night
kadang-kadang selit juga dengan cerita ustaz itu ustazah ini
but that only sometimes and not a-good-to-hear stories
i hate it when i was been forced to listen to all those b***shit!
i feel like i wanna yell, scold each one of them
kuman di seberang laut nampak jelas nyata, bnagkai gajah depan mata?
buat-buat invisible
typical malayan families in malaysia

saya bukan nak memburukkan but as i said before
truth is always a pain in the ass

when i reflect back to myself
i have no difference from them
maybe there are differences, but not much
saya tahu
fitnah itu lebih buruk dari membunuh
pandai kritik orang, hakikatnya
itulah halwa telinga kita semua
what we are waiting for are stories about others
add here and there, modify those stories a bit then pass it to others
tiny little things become stories of the year

     we need to make a difference     

tak boleh banyak sikit pun jadi
i don’t want my next generation become corrupted
my sons my daughters my great-great-great grandkids
and yours too

p/s : boleh migraine hari-hari dok dengar cerita tentang harta orang

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