Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SEASONS in a week!

salam sejahtera
peace upon you

last night it was raining heavily
two days before, it was a cold windy day
last week, a super hot day!
and today,
it's a hot sunny day
i think i'am going crazy soon
if i don't adapt with this kind of seasons

penang craziest week!

last week i got a fever
due to the 'unstable emotional state' of the weather
actually i didn't even know i had a fever
i went to the clinic,
the doctor took my temperature
she said i had a fever and gave me MC
just nice!
i got abundant of medicines in my room
and she gave me some more =.="

this morning i discarded all of them
now i regret it
i got no medicine and my head is spinning!
i wanted to sleep but i can't even close my eyes
i hope today the weather will pity me
oh, my clothes too
they are hanging for two days already!
wet and watery

i'm grateful
isn't this a sign from GOD that He loves us
who can live in a straight sunny days for years?
or maybe a month?
people in Malaysia...i know you, don't try to say that you can
so does to people who say they can live in rainy days for a month perhaps

people in the horn of Africa are facing the worst drought in their life for years
i am sitting in front of my netbook complaining about the weather


p/s : please dear headache, go away!

Monday, September 26, 2011

sometimes, something cannot be shown too much

salam sejahtera
peace upon you

betul kan?
sometimes, something cannot be shown too much
like us, WOMAN
dont have to show what we have too much
enough with our face and palm

same thing goes for other situations

if you hate something or someone
dont show it too much
it may turn out differently
you might fall in love with it

if you love something or someone
dont show it too much
it may turn out differently
you might hate it later
*nampak sangat malas nak buat ayat

actually, it will never hurt if we try to control ourselves
we call that mujahadah nafsu
bersederhana lah

oh, this is not applied to all situations ya!
for things that absolutely bad and endanger
of course you need to hate it
adultery, gambling...for example

i used to love something
but then i realised that its no good
i used to hate something
until i realised that it has give me countless of benefits 

"Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu sedangkan ia baik untukmu dan boleh jadi kamu menyukai sesuatu sedangkan ia buruk untukmu. Allah mengetahui sedangkan kamu tidak tahu."
Surah. Al Baqarah:216.

p/s : put a smile on your face, even to someone you hate. show some love.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


salam sejahtera
peace upon you

i was too busy to update this blog =.="

oh, about the FIUS...
i made my junior's plug went on fire~
haha..not really on 'fire' but there was smoke..so, it must be on fire
because there was smoke
then...i thought of my life
masakan pokok kan bergoyang kalau tak ada angin
masakan ada asap kalau tak terbako!

sorry if i'm forcing you too much
*please do not try to wonder who is YOU stated above
people always talk, they can say what they want
who are we to close their mouth
even it is not true
and yet, i'm trying to make you shut all the soOOoo false stories!

but then actually it is you who made me confused!
them too
no, it's us
not only you, not only me
i was confused too
you know what i want, i know what you want
but then...
oh, i really want to understand what you have in your mind
it was hard to move on
if you don't make a clear boundary between us
i will

if only saying NO is just like saying ABC 123
if only i have the ability to make people to trust me
yet, i don't

it's my fault
i made people think badly of me
please, i do not have any intention making anybody felt uncomfortable or anything hurt

you want ignorance,
i'll give you that

yes, this is so called LADY gaga
don't be confused!

p/s : i'm single but unavailable and i'm happy with it :) 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

there is "WE" in "ME"

salam sejahtera 
peace upon you

YOU and ME might be a different piece of puzzle
but there's WE in ME

i know
almost everybody think i am a nuisance
keep asking
all the time this kind of words keep slipping out of my tongue
it's not like i can't control my words
i just care too much
because i love you so much

sorry if you take me as a busy body
sorry if i had bothered you
sorry if i made you felt annoyed

saya tak akan pernah tahu yang mereka tak suka
terima kasih kerana memberitahu

but i'll never stop asking
cause we are friends forever

p/s : i miss my friends..sooOOoo much!

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