Monday, November 4, 2013

Maal Hijrah and Changes.

salam kasih dan sayang
peace upon you

If I was the older me,
She would say
Anything that can make me shake my heart
Another words
Emo sengsorang
Thanks Allah
I have learned so much things
Day by day
Handling matters
My attitude
The most important
Girls, ladies, women
Well, feelings and emotions
Made us different from
Boys, gentlemen, men

I wish
This Hidayati
Who used to cry
Who used to panic
Who used to get mad
At simplest thing
*maybe for me it’s a very major thing
Will last longer

For some people
Hey im not maniac
Im just used to work the way I am
I talk fast
I run my fingers on the keyboard fast
I snap fast
Its not emo
It’s the way I work
Ask them who used to be around me
U ll know
Don’t simply label me
Just because you cannot fit in it
Ok? ;)

You know what
The end is getting nearer
Day by day
In the pitch-dark nights
I would think
Im afraid
We don’t have much time
To settle things as we need to
To do things we need to
Keep moving
Keep doing
keep going
fly as high as you can
bring my heart together
if im not with you

I learned something
About you who once I adored so much
And I bet
Those who knows the fact
Will never expect
What you had done to me
And others as well
Aku doakan yang terbaek untuk kau
“moga kita terima takdir Allah dengan gembira
Allah yang jadualkan kita
Allah juga yang gerakkan kita
Dan mengikut jadualnya”
Maaf tu terlalu susah
Yang pasti
I will never forget

To those who made me learned.

aku kuat
alfatihah guru yang dicintai :')

kasih sayang
senjata akhir zaman

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