Thursday, March 8, 2012

a sad-SCHOOL-story

salam sejahtera
peace upon you

at last i could find some time to wipe all the spider webs on my lappy

there’s too many things happened from my last update
i got so many things i wanna share but now, all gone

today is my last SBE at SKGTN
yesterday i was so glad,
yeay! last day already
but today,
seriously i will miss all of you
teachers, students, pak hussin, canteen
everybody i met here

   experiences make me grow stronger   
no doubt!

your naughtiness makes me grow old faster!

SKGTN is my former school actually
while im doing my SBE here, there are 4 of my siblings still in this school!
ramai kan???
and i keep hiding from them
jangan la jumpa, please don’t!

one thing i would like to share
valuable for me,
to all teachers-to-be too

   don’t ever be bias to your students!   
i still remember when i was at the back of the row,
queuing to buy food during recesses
i saw my teachers’ kids, eating with their mom and dad
these few days, when i was at the canteen
eating at the teacher’s area, i looked at them
i felt terrible when they have to queue,
while some of the kids eating with the teachers
when we got punishments, ‘they’ would make faces to us
because ‘they’ will never feel that!

murid yang comot, compang-camping, berhingus selalu tersisih
i realised there are kids that keep a distance from me
looking at me with a very pitiful face
Allah, nak luruh airmata rasanya!
kenapa begitu?
you think!
because suddenly my memory from the past keep playing in my mind!
memori itu?
lagi sadis
there’s a kid kept telling
cikgu, saya bodoh
cikgu, saya kelas 1C, kelas belakang…kelas bodoh
don’t you wonder where he got that???

    1 CENDIKIA | SKGTN | 2012    
you gave me lots of memories to be remembered
i heart all of you
you make smile when my degree already reached the top
i love you
you teach me what real patience is
i will miss all of you

"awak nakal-nakal ni memang tak sayang cikgu dah kan. lepas ni cikgu tak datang dah sini. cikgu kena balik tempat cikgu dah! tak nak jumpa awak semua dah" 

"cikgu, kite janji tak nak nakal lagi.
nanti lepas cuti cikgu datang lagi ye!"

"cikgu, kita tak nak buat lagi dah, tapi cikgu kena datang lagi neh."

"cikgu, saya sayang cikgu!"

p/s : saya jumpa ramai cikgu-cikgu saya dulu
Alhamdulillah maseh sehat J

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