Monday, November 26, 2012

cerita yang terlambat

salam sejahtera
peace upon you

such a long time
sorry my dear, for abandoning you
alhamdulillah He gave me days which were full of good things to be done
i got no time at all to ponder…to wonder what i need to write in my dear pity blog

become a history in a nick of time
is the time become shorter or my schedule got tighter
too many things happened during this short period of time
it just too many to be counted
none of them will be forgotten

jawatankuasa perwakilan pelajar 2012/2013

amanah yang dipegang adalah salah satu tarbiyyah
untuk disempurnakan sebaik mungkin
we only have few months more
no matter
how dense the days are
how tense we are
lets do our best!

i went to the same school for my second PBS
sk gong tok nasek
lots of memories made here
that boy, which is facing me..he’s my brother
the naughtiest boy in the class
heh =.=”

oh…my beloved maidens from heaven
no words to describe our relationship
ukhuwwah fillah
kak anis, i pray for your baitul muslim
and others
i pray for our ukhuwwah fillah abadan abada

my long lost-friend
we knew each other from shams back then
and i met her again during a trip to her ipg
i love you friend J

serikandi gagah perkasa

sorry..i don’t have a pic of all of us
i meant for all the beauties in jpp
tq for your hard work for this time being
maaf sebab aku bukan ‘pemimpin’ yang baik

mengurniakan aku ibu bapa yang baik
keluarga yang sejahtera
sahabat yang memahami
guru yang sanggup berkorban masa dan usaha

semoga masa hadapan yang akan aku lalui
lebih baik daripada tahun-tahun yang lalu
lebih bermakna untuk ku bawa sebagai timangan ke akhirat kelak

i am grateful for what i am today

p/s : i love u, ALLAH!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

happy birthday to ME

salam sejahtera
peace upon you

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY      

doakan saya istiqamah dan terus berada dalam kasih sayang ALLAH

p/s : a year near to death :(

Monday, June 4, 2012

glooomy holiday~missing some days!


salam sejahtera
peace upon you

it’s holiday
but i’m not enjoying my holiday at all
for the first three days, yes i did enjoying it
gloooooooooomy days
started to miss everybody
i miss my path to the class
(saya selalu berseorangan bila ke kelas, i got nobody to miss for this event..hahaha

i miss my roomate
my dear cutey kitty
    zarith sofia   
rather than chatting with you
 i was weeping and crying in the room
for days and nights that i had leaved you alone
you are my wonderful roomate
you word means a lot for me whenever i that i was too weak
thank you so much

i miss my classmates
i think...for the past few weeks i got complexes towards them all
maybe because i didnt spend any valuable time with them
i kept myself busy with other things which i think more important
skipping classes
try to catch up thus ignoring others
we didnt even have time to chatting like we used to
i know...i always made somebody hurt
some might thought that im a jerk
for others that understand me in a way that others dont
thank you
even though you dont have the courage to stand up for me
but sympathy and pity is not enough for somebody who you consider a friend
my classmates for 4 years more
i love you all
its ok for you to badmouth me
tak luak pun kalau korang mengata
for love doesnt count all those silly things
we will forget bitter times and keep in mind the sweet and creamy moments

some of my dears

this sem is the toughest sem for me
i think i have turn out being sensitive person
before this i dont care what people are saying to me
backstabbers and those who talk bad things about me
i never disregard you
its your opinion and its your nature to have stinky mouths
but now,
i feel hurt
there are times i heard some gossips that are too outrageous
about me which i dont even know where or when or how it happen
people love making stories right?

regardless of what people did or say
i have usrati
a family which i know they will always stand up for me
cheer me up even its the worst time of my life
cry and weep with me
help me whenever i’m in need
never diregard me when im the one at fault
ukhuwwah kerana islam sangat bermakna
for years i had been searching for a true friends
i belive that i had found them
thank you for encouraging me
to be a better person
helping me to istiqamah in my way to be a better muslimah
uhibbuki fillah abadan abada

as for you
maaf sangat-sangat
kadang-kadang aku marah sebab perkara tak berasas
kecil hati dengan benda yang langsung tak logik
memandai buat hypothesis sendiri tanpa mencari conclusion
kekadang berlagak mcm tak kenal pun mu kan...
aku tak dapat jadi peneman baik
menyusahkan dan menyakitkan hati
terima kasih
marah bila aku buat silap
tegur bila aku melampau
kritik bila aku melebih-lebih
kadang-kadang aku rasa restricted tapi in a good way
mu dah macam ayah aku..haha
most important, thank you for your patience
dan aku harap akan terus bersabar neh 

1 pismp..done
seven sems to go!

p/s : i love you

Sunday, May 20, 2012

prinsip manusia yang tak berDUNIA : asal aku bahagia...!

salam sejahtera
peace upon you

after such a long time!
alhamdulillah..finally i got time to update blog buruk nih

siapa manusia yang tak berdunia?
it's me
and perhaps one of them is you

i once had a friend
he always said that to me 
"kau ni tak berdunia..buka sikit minda tu"
-dalam nada bergurau ye-
when i look back, reminiscing the past
yes, i'm not berdunia enough
especially to people like him
plus that im not that open-minded like him
and those that hold to the principle that
   asal aku bahagia, peduli apa orang kata   
until today, even after we broke the relation that we once had
i cant apply that in my life
and im thankful for that
alhamdulillah :)

dunia - dunya in arabic
 means the temporal world—and its earthly concerns and possessions—as opposed to the eternal spiritual realm, or the hereafter 
got it?
i never mean to say that im a manusia yang berakhirat
(kalau ya, alhamdulillah)
but berdunia semata-mata sahaja silap
this world is just a temporary place

And this worldly life is not but diversion and amusement. And indeed, the home of the Hereafter - that is the [eternal] life, if only they knew. 

a transit after alam roh and alam rahim
on our way to barzakh
done bab berdunia

   asal aku bahagia...!   
i despise those who said that
sometimes i feel like
"waaahh..hebat orang ni!"
of course la,
they dare to live without considering what others are thinking about them
point of view is subjective
if i say it is wrong
you might look at it right
my POV, it's wrong..but not totally wrong

analogi simple :
a man going out wearing a bra, or acting like superman
wearing his briefs outside his pants
then he said,
"suka hati aku la...asal aku bahagia"
hahaha and more hahaha

whether he realise it or not, he's giving dosa to those who will insult him
the most important thing,
   dignity - maruah   
others will look down at him
berani dalam perkara yang salah
bahagia dalam cemuhan
one thing to share
most people that keep holding to this principle are those who hardly can accept any advice or critics

kehidupan tidak mungkin akan dilayari secara berseorangan
every thing dependent of other things
human need oxygen from plants
human need sunshine
human need animal
human need soil
human need water
human need other human to communicate
men need women to breed
(untuk tumbuhan dan haiwan..list la sendiri..tak larat nak taep~)
but they are people who dare to live only with his/her expectation
without considering how others look at them
(i might be mocked after this entry..huhu)

so, can you say
"asal aku bahagia..peduli apa orang kata?"
this earth is too small for us to run from each other
hidup is too short for us to kumpul pahala and cover semua dosa yang kita buat
(maaf kerojakan bahasa saya di situ)

O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted. 

and yet we try to oppose His words
being ignorant people towards others may know one another 

don't ignore the fact that people always grow according to norm
either norm made by the society or by the religions 
we always have expectation to be reached
yang baik atau buruk
wallahualam...niat itu hanya diri sendiri yang tahu

:: reminder ::
bukan kita sahaja yang punya hati untuk dijaga
bukan kita sahaja yang ada buah fikiran untuk diluah
bukan kita sahaja yang ada pendirian untuk dipegang
bukan kita sahaja yang ada kehidupan untuk dilayari
bukan kita sahaja yang mahukan kebahagiaan
bukan kita sahaja yang mahu mengelak kedukaan


p/s : nak hidup seorang boleh la pegang prinsip tu. 
saya taknak, awak nak? :P

Thursday, March 8, 2012

a sad-SCHOOL-story

salam sejahtera
peace upon you

at last i could find some time to wipe all the spider webs on my lappy

there’s too many things happened from my last update
i got so many things i wanna share but now, all gone

today is my last SBE at SKGTN
yesterday i was so glad,
yeay! last day already
but today,
seriously i will miss all of you
teachers, students, pak hussin, canteen
everybody i met here

   experiences make me grow stronger   
no doubt!

your naughtiness makes me grow old faster!

SKGTN is my former school actually
while im doing my SBE here, there are 4 of my siblings still in this school!
ramai kan???
and i keep hiding from them
jangan la jumpa, please don’t!

one thing i would like to share
valuable for me,
to all teachers-to-be too

   don’t ever be bias to your students!   
i still remember when i was at the back of the row,
queuing to buy food during recesses
i saw my teachers’ kids, eating with their mom and dad
these few days, when i was at the canteen
eating at the teacher’s area, i looked at them
i felt terrible when they have to queue,
while some of the kids eating with the teachers
when we got punishments, ‘they’ would make faces to us
because ‘they’ will never feel that!

murid yang comot, compang-camping, berhingus selalu tersisih
i realised there are kids that keep a distance from me
looking at me with a very pitiful face
Allah, nak luruh airmata rasanya!
kenapa begitu?
you think!
because suddenly my memory from the past keep playing in my mind!
memori itu?
lagi sadis
there’s a kid kept telling
cikgu, saya bodoh
cikgu, saya kelas 1C, kelas belakang…kelas bodoh
don’t you wonder where he got that???

    1 CENDIKIA | SKGTN | 2012    
you gave me lots of memories to be remembered
i heart all of you
you make smile when my degree already reached the top
i love you
you teach me what real patience is
i will miss all of you

"awak nakal-nakal ni memang tak sayang cikgu dah kan. lepas ni cikgu tak datang dah sini. cikgu kena balik tempat cikgu dah! tak nak jumpa awak semua dah" 

"cikgu, kite janji tak nak nakal lagi.
nanti lepas cuti cikgu datang lagi ye!"

"cikgu, kita tak nak buat lagi dah, tapi cikgu kena datang lagi neh."

"cikgu, saya sayang cikgu!"

p/s : saya jumpa ramai cikgu-cikgu saya dulu
Alhamdulillah maseh sehat J

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