Friday, March 18, 2011

I-N-C-O-M-E for lazy people like ME

salam semua!
excited tak dengan tittle kat atas?

kalau excited...or feeling anything dupdapdupdap in your chest
mesti berminat kan?
i want to invite all of you
especially students
nak-nak lagi yang malas, kerja online memanjang
duit selalu habis setakat tengah bulan
i had found a solution for my problem, so do you...afterwards

-click this on pic after you had read this post/entry sampai abes-

why i'm promoting this?
padahal sebelum memang hardcore gila-gila susah nak percaya money online ni

1. senang ( is there anyone dont like the word 'senang' )
2. save time ( a lot! )
3. you can do it anywhere, everywhere, anytime!

yang lain tuh korang-korang carik la lagi kenapa
lepas korang enter this ya :)

what you should do?

easy right?

then, bila dah jadi member

the BEST part is
you can change you points in CASH!!!
( saya tahu ramai yang sukasuki )
make a paypal account
( pastu ramai yang mengeluh balik baca sentence kat atas )
dont worry, paypal does not require anything that you dont have
( i mean credit cards, i do have none )
you only need credit cards when you want to shop online
in this case, just use it as a medium
to transfer your points to money
simple is it?

you want something simpler?
much more simple??
diet, no entertainment, no new clothes, no nothing!
gain nothing, got nothing
do nothing

sekali lagi

dont forget to click!

p/s : tak nak ada paypal dulu pun boleh je, kumpul dulu mata banyak-banyak, nanti dah rasa nak tebus jadi duit, buatlah paypal account :)

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