Thursday, March 17, 2011

a SYNDROME is attacking my soul!

salam semua!

so can you guess what SYNDROME it is?

it's a syndrome that we call...
tak aci, cepat sangat bagi jawapan
it's not something GF,BF related things
yes, it is about LOVE

( and the truth is, i love them damn much! )
it's just, somekind of things that i seldom get
i got it, but seldomly
sometimes in a blue moon
the virus that we called
MISSING somebody ( not gone k! )
keeps attacking my system
makes me hard to resist my eyes from producing those water
focus dah hilang!

why i seldom got this kind of problem?
mungkin sebab jarang berjauhan 
memang bajet keras hati sangat
in my life, i never been with them
in such a short time we spent together after i moved from my granparents' house
they keep showering me with their LOVE
( dush, tears again!! )

i miss them damn much! too much! very much! so much!

( tu lah, gatal...cuti tak nak balik. macam duduk oversea, over-the-sea pon tak! )

today's moral : holiday = home!
not campus


p/s : maaf readers yang sememangnya duduk berjauhan dan susah nak balek!
ok, sambung assignments lak ye


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