Thursday, June 16, 2011


salam sejahtera
peace upon you
kerana ketiadaan entry baru dalam masa yang lama

I think I was out of reason to procrastinate
in doing something like assignments
helping my mom or dad
or sisters or brothers
sebab tu saya ada masa nak meng-update
sometimes it was such a misery, when I got nothing to do

a state or feeling of great physical or mental distress or discomfort

why is it misery now?
no answer
mungkin saja-saja nak bercerita
tiba-tiba terasa nak berkongsi satu kisah
memori lama seseorang

at that time, I was in standard 6
I got a classmate named ********
this friend actually wasn’t such a likeable girl
back then, she always appeared alone
and sometimes people seemed disgusted with her appearances
dirty clothes
old school bags
she was like an abandoned child to me
I wondered why she was like that
she didn’t come from a hard family though
Oh, she’s living with her grandparents
as far as I knew, her grandma really didn’t like her
she always came to me crying
telling me how her grandma asked her money for the food she ate
babbling about the money she wasted on her
on electricity bills, water bills
how lazy she was
I felt it was very unfair to her
she was just a kid, a little girl
her aunt also lived in that house but she done nothing
she was some sort of princess of the castle
if something happened, the house was not tidy enough
she got the blame
she washed all her clothes by hands
she couldn’t use the washing machine
or else she will get tones of lectures and babbles
as the one who bought that thing was her aunt

I remembered once
when her younger brother came there
he got some injuries
( I couldn’t remember how he injured himself )
she wanted to call her dad, telling that her brother got injured
and she wanted him to come early to take her brother
the moment she lifted the telephone, started to press the numbers
her aunt started her babbling
her grandma got mad
and kept talking about how she had wasted her money since she lived there
there was nobody who could stand and defend them
she put the phone back
she rode her bicycle with her brother crying at the back
they went to the nearest public phone but it was broken
she went to other public phone that was quite far from the village
but, it was also broken

she couldn’t hold all the sadness and miseries that she had bear all this while
she held the tears that was dwelling in her eyes
she sent her brother back to her grandma’s house
then rode her bicycle without any directions for hours
it started to rain and the sky getting darker and darker

for that night, she did not go home
she went to her friend’s house and slept there
she told her friend’s mom that she couldn’t go home because it was raining
yes, it was
it was raining cats and dogs in herself
she got too many things to hold in her small little heart and mind

on our last day in primary school
she received so many awards
she also got the first place from all standard 6 students
 ( yes, she was a smart and hardworking girl )
Because she did not have many friends
she wasted her time on reading books and doing practices

but it was a pity
when everybody was with their families
took pictures together
got hugs and back rubs from their parents
nobody was there to share her happiness
she sat at a hidden corner crying alone after the ceremony finished
no mom or dad
her grandma and aunt?

I don’t know
I guess her life got better as she had live with her parents
her own family

come, together with me
we pray for her
for a better life

also for others that think money and materials are everything
don’t ever lose your humanity
thus bring miseries to others

P/S : misery no more~
bila saya teringat kisah lama ni, saya rasa saya mampu hadapi segala tekanan yang ada
andai dia yang ketika hanya berusia 12 tahun dapat atasi tekanan sebegitu, apatah lagi saya


  1. i think she will be a success woman, a strong woman, and more hard working person.. lets pray the best for her..

    *sreeet.. lap hingus*

  2. well.the interesting part is she was only 12.i don't think.not really.that kids nowadays have courage and patience like her.and plus.she was concern.that is what i expected to be the most important thing :)


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