Thursday, August 18, 2011

how IGNORANT they are. Oh, not only them..but also YOU and ME

salam sejahtera
peace upon you

i have problems!
only now i realised that 
i am 
actually, totally don't know how to arrange my priorities!

then how?
of course i cant blame others if our priority is not the same
in other words
i want to do something that they don't want
maybe i think it is important
for them, it's might not as important as it is for me
sometimes this kind of thing just....annoying!

i felt that they are ignorant
they don't even want to put their shoes in my place
it's not like i just simply made my decision without thinking about them..
or it might be about you

i do think hard you know!

so...from today
i will arrange my priorities according to everybody's mindset
what i mean is
not only what is important to me but also to others comes first
i don't want to be ignorant like what others did to me
if it can annoy me
of course others will feel the same too

p/s : i really not in the mood : SS presentation is going on while i'm typing this entry =.="


  1. being selfish sometimes is a good thing even others will said ignorant,,

    i did being selfish in certain things..

    its hard to satisfied just do as u wish aslong as it might not being harmful to u :)

  2. yap. dats rite. "not only what is important to me but also to others comes first" but before we think others, we should think about our self first yah..
    nice entry(:

  3. i a type of person that really take into account what people think about me.yes, we can be selfish :)sometimes, but to me...i just simply cant..huhu im afraid that some might 'terasa'.
    i should change this type of mindset first i guess =.="

  4. sabar banyak2/...

    nak join review blog dak??


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