Saturday, August 20, 2011

a short note to a FRIEND

salam sejahtera 
peace upon you

a friend is one who believes in you
when you have ceased to believe in yourself

i really don't know why
maybe because i seldom bother about you
it's not like i don't want to care
i really cared about you, about everyone in my circle
it's just that...maybe it's just my fault
i'm sorry

i got my own reasons
i tend to keep it to myself
i think
it's OK, i can handle this
it's OK, i can't make others worry about me
it's OK, because they don't want to know either
it's really not!
i really want you to know
oh, i have problems
instead of 
i'm OK dear
it's OK, i don't mind
it's OK if i'm not around 
instead of
keep that fake smiling mouth

i really want to share everything that i can
i want you to know that i'm hurting
i don't like your words
i feel offended when you say that
i feel annoyed with your jokes
it's difficult right?
i still feel a gap with you
even to tell something that i should

i think that
i have to keep something to myself only
you don't have to know
they don't have to know
i just keep that thing shut from all of you
when everything accumulated together
it's hurt
very much!
i felt like i was an alien in front of you
what i did together with you
all are fake
the faces i used to show you
only a mask

maybe i'm not fit to become a so called true friend
i don't even reach the standard of a friend
yet i proudly claimed myself as your friend
how funny i was!

i promise you
i will never make things difficult for us
i love you so much
don't ever leave me
don't ever leave us
together we continue our journey in this world
i can't stand alone without friends
so do you

“Sesiapa antara kamu yang menginginkan kebahagiaan syurga, hendaklah dia melazimkan diri dalam jemaah. Sebab syaitan suka kepada orang yang bersendirian.” (Hadis sahih riwayat Imam al-Tirmizi)

p/s : ilysm! 


  1. hidup MU....insyaAllah sentiasa dalam jemaah=)

  2. silah : nmpak gaya nye macam tu lah :)
    jgn tinggal JEMAAH yg sedia ada...andai jemaah sekarang membawa kpd keburukan lebih dari kebaikan, pandai2 lah tukar ahli jemaah tu :)

  3. BEing hipokrit in life is a must..thats what i learnt in my life..either with friends family or with ur ownself..u will act diff..fake smile fake laugh fake cheering mood all sort of fake things we did infront of friends r hipokrit things just to kept our friends heart in peace..wont hurt i rite?

    its true sometime i wish i can just be heartless n selfish all da time..ike wat i mention to u before..being selfish,,i do be selfish but i do care my i tend to hurt my heart by myself by keeping all da things alone..

    i might be thinking u as my best friend but have u ever thought of me while everyday i was thinking how r u whre r u when will we be meeting again and all sort of quest..
    i bet some of da friend which we thought as our friends never came accross to think of us as much as we think of them..its a painful reality fact..

    ohman i do love to crap all over in ur entry..i wonder why o dont write it out on my own page,,just like burst it out here..hehe,,sowi :P

  4. we can be hypocrite,hide 'some' things from our friends but over time, all the things that we hide will accumulate together.lama-lama akan meletup :(

    its OK if we can keep...but not for a very long time.try to explain,talk nicely if we feel offended...dont hide.ifwe hide, what the function of friends?

    its OK..i dont mind can comment all the things that you think you want :)


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