Monday, July 18, 2011

i thought it was a happy ending story, SADly it isn't

salam sejahtera
peace upon you

attention, this is absolutely not a titanic kind of thing

my entry seems cannot run from emotions (negative one of course) thing

this is a story of my girl friend, ***
she HAS a friend, a not-so-called-friend
this friend, a man, ###, is very kind to her
for me, not only kind, but its TOO kind
sometimes, because of ###'s kindness towards her
i often misunderstood and thought they are having something
he treat her like how a man would treat his girl!
not only me, but many had misunderstood

### and *** has been friend for almost one year and a half now
started from FB to SMSing
*** become fond of ###
furthermore, my friend was having an extreme heartbroken before
right before he came in her life closely
he always there for her
she got comforts
she got pampered by him

suddenly, my friend's told me they got conflict
he was too busy even to reply her sms
and i realised one thing
"OMG, you started to fall for him!"

she knew she not suppose to fall for him
he only treat her as a friend
she knew she would embarrass herself in front of him
but was a feeling that cannot be scrub off just like that
sometimes she encourage herself, telling that he might have the same thing like her
pathetic isn't it?

one night
a very meaningful night for her
she confessed
even she knew he didn't have the same feeling as she had
( it's not like she wanted to tell, but that thing already slipped from her tongue )
the outcome,
she was happy
weird isn't it?

he still treat her like usual
a treat that every single human being can misunderstood
she wanted to get rid of that feeling but ### said wait
he's giving her something that we called

*** was very happy!
even i felt weird why she was very happy
its only for a couple of hours she kept smiling to herself
before she suddenly went silent
i knew after that she received such a gruesome truth
about ###
you guess what....even i feel disgusted with this kind of man
he was much more worst than 'him'
i wish *** can get rid of him from her mind right on that moment she knew that

he already got someone :)

he's giving my friend hope
but then he made her crushed until she couldn't face others
others who thought they 'are in a relationship'
she cried, wailing in the toilet
but because of the feeling she had towards him
she's still happy when he sent her even a sms
and she dont have the courage to tell him that she knew he already got somebody
she's afraid that he might refused to treat her like before

haha...senang-senang nya dia mempermainkan perasaan kawan saya tu

i learnt something today

bila hati dah suka
apa-apa pun manusia jadi tak kisah
walau sakit macam mana pun

p/s : please wish this pathetic friend of mine happiness and she wont meet a CRUEL man like that again.


  1. inila namanyer "LIFE"...huk3..macam2 cabaran dan dugaan..hope ur frenz n kita semua akan jadi lebih kuat dalam menempuh cabaran dan dugaan "LIFE" nie..emmmmm

  2. oh man!!!i had gone through by myself dear..its pathetic..its painfull..guess what ur fren wont b easy to get rid of him..until she really found someone better then HIM soon..just for now..tell ur fren not to put her self in extreme happy mood when whe just got a text from HIM..this might be a point for a heartbroken bigger n bigger when that HIM chipsmore..(i love to use "chipsmore" term which mean sekejap ada say hi helo then hilang xberjumpa kabar langsung)..
    apa pon i felt what ur fren felt:)
    so bear in mind she's not the only one met a HIM like HIM..
    man are made with sweetenest in their blood..woman r made to be melt by their sweetenest adrenaline :)

    rasa cam pnjg lak,,hehe..sowi klu pnjg :)

  3. fird : LIFE is not easy rite~nak2 lagi bila masuk bab emotion ni..huhu we must be STRONG~

    nana : panjang tapi bermakna dear :)
    saya setuju sal chipsmore tu. sometimes, when my fren send him a sms, he didnt reply..when he sms her back, he will give no excuse why he didnt reply her sms! and my fren didnt care about that!huh~
    women are STRONGER than men.insyaallah.

  4. Hahaha..bout women are stronger maybe I xsokong..yes we r stronger in our words..but we r so damn weak when words r came from man we melt our own strength out of me woman just like kerak nasi ja..once being pour with water of sweetenest confirm melt on da spot :)
    At this moment advise ur fren just stay calm..let her time fill with joy of frens..that will help her to atleast less time to think n hoping for him :)

  5. emotionally women seems weaker than men but i think she can recover faster than i think.da memang melting sangat2 da pun.melting point kwn sy nih kalah ice-cream da!huhu
    yeah..i guess we (me n others) should accompany her,go somewhere else n enjoy ourselves.,keep her BUSY from thinking bout that man. TQ sis :)
    u helped me alot!

  6. this is the real life..some men they like to give the girl a hope..eventhough they already had some1else..ermm..nk wt mcm mn kn prasaan xleh dikwl

  7. correct.emotions do have 'something' beyond ourcontrol. saya tak suka lelaki macam ni =.="

  8. eeee....jahatnya laki tu~~~speechless......~~


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