Saturday, September 24, 2011


salam sejahtera
peace upon you

i was too busy to update this blog =.="

oh, about the FIUS...
i made my junior's plug went on fire~
haha..not really on 'fire' but there was, it must be on fire
because there was smoke
then...i thought of my life
masakan pokok kan bergoyang kalau tak ada angin
masakan ada asap kalau tak terbako!

sorry if i'm forcing you too much
*please do not try to wonder who is YOU stated above
people always talk, they can say what they want
who are we to close their mouth
even it is not true
and yet, i'm trying to make you shut all the soOOoo false stories!

but then actually it is you who made me confused!
them too
no, it's us
not only you, not only me
i was confused too
you know what i want, i know what you want
but then...
oh, i really want to understand what you have in your mind
it was hard to move on
if you don't make a clear boundary between us
i will

if only saying NO is just like saying ABC 123
if only i have the ability to make people to trust me
yet, i don't

it's my fault
i made people think badly of me
please, i do not have any intention making anybody felt uncomfortable or anything hurt

you want ignorance,
i'll give you that

yes, this is so called LADY gaga
don't be confused!

p/s : i'm single but unavailable and i'm happy with it :) 


  1. LOL..
    aci ak komen camni jak?
    sll i komen panjang2 kan,,

    silent also means alot :)

    clear it ok!u have ur rite


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