Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SEASONS in a week!

salam sejahtera
peace upon you

last night it was raining heavily
two days before, it was a cold windy day
last week, a super hot day!
and today,
it's a hot sunny day
i think i'am going crazy soon
if i don't adapt with this kind of seasons

penang craziest week!

last week i got a fever
due to the 'unstable emotional state' of the weather
actually i didn't even know i had a fever
i went to the clinic,
the doctor took my temperature
she said i had a fever and gave me MC
just nice!
i got abundant of medicines in my room
and she gave me some more =.="

this morning i discarded all of them
now i regret it
i got no medicine and my head is spinning!
i wanted to sleep but i can't even close my eyes
i hope today the weather will pity me
oh, my clothes too
they are hanging for two days already!
wet and watery

i'm grateful
isn't this a sign from GOD that He loves us
who can live in a straight sunny days for years?
or maybe a month?
people in Malaysia...i know you, don't try to say that you can
so does to people who say they can live in rainy days for a month perhaps

people in the horn of Africa are facing the worst drought in their life for years
i am sitting in front of my netbook complaining about the weather


p/s : please dear headache, go away!


  1. Makan ubat cepat2, adik. Jgn biar 'headache' tu melarat

  2. pendamba mawar : i love penang..but not in this kind of weather.

    kakchik : ubat dah buang..semua!huhu..

  3. rest banyak2 :)eh rindunya nak pi penang :)

  4. aiman : lepas nih boleh la datang, penang best! except for the weather right now..really turn me upside down!

    miratun : insyaAllah..im resting :) keje dok depan beloved lappy je nih...huhu mai la datang.penang ade benda spesel..SAYA :)

  5. memang cuaca skrg ni xboleh dijangka..kejap2 brubah.. kejap2 brubah.. tu yg rmai sakit.. sila amkan ubat ye :)

  6. miss A : oh, terharu for your concern! :) tq sis, i ate pnadols hours ago...sekarang dah OK sikit but still rase cam pusing-pusing lagi.insyaAllah nanti2 ok :)

  7. yup2.kite nih panas merengek,ujan pun merengek.kadang2 lupe psl org kat tempat lain yg duduk da macam kat gurun sbb panas sgt!hu3

    get well soon!


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