Thursday, October 6, 2011

flashbacks : TELENOVELA hidup

salam sejahtera
peace upon you

last saturday
i went to KLCC and met my best friend there
shazni marzuki
you are just too wonderful to be described
we shared everything that we could think at that time
ahh..betapa dah berubahnya hidup kami
i miss my old friends
real bad!

today i met my ex-lecturer from KMPP
she's a very significant character in my life
the one and only
miss wahidah abd majid

she said
im different and she did mentioned that
"dulu dia selekeh je"
in front of two of my present classmates =.="
actually i was proud when she said that
she saw something different in me from before
im changing..of course to the better
from selekeh..mungkin kepada lebih kemas..kot!

everything that i had faced, my experiences, bittersweet moments 
was flashed during that short time with her
there are memories that was hard to forget
and experiences that was hard to get!

i kept all the memories that we'd shared together in my mind closely
it's even hard to write even an ounce of them
it's too fantastic to be written with words! 

p/s : im looking forward for a reunion bebeh!


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