Tuesday, November 8, 2011

bored - sekarang???

salam sejahtera
peace upon you

my bengong-syndrome struck again

i am bored
even though tomorrow i have exam
LDS aka language description ( grammar )
i don't even open a book since last two days 
even until now i don't feel any fear or dup dap dup dap

this paper is the hardest for me
still...got zero feel+mood to revise back

i'd finished 
reading all Crayon Sin Chan
watching Angus, Thongs and the Perfect Snogging
and i keep munching all the time!


p/s : ini bukan manjakan diri, ini namanya terlebih MANJA kan diri!


  1. hahahahah! kita serupaaaaaa~~~~ jum study jum!

  2. hoho..snggh nk kumen jgk..ingt nk wish gud luck tp rse2nye dah expred kot..
    kte ske study lst mnute,mlm xm 2 mmg confrm xtdow ah...

    been awhile kan xmenyemak kat entry awak..hehe,,
    not that i hve been busy or havent look at urs just ur page quite heavy to be loaded by my office pc..pakai bb saya lg lah out susah nak buka terus..so been here always,just xtinggal kan jejak ja :P

    btw just short reminder..
    kalau xda mood jgn dipaksa,,tunggu,,tapi jangan terlalu lama kerna ia akan menjadi sia2..
    once dah tunggu then its time to std last minit ok :)
    btw klu still xleh nak std xleh nk paksa mood mai just stay they stay put just asked ur friends help u ceritakan as quick revision on the subject,,
    last but not least is asked ur friends kiri kanan atas bawah depan belakang help u during exam,,that would be great one..:D

    BTW alldabest in ur exam ok..

  4. thats what i did..i went to fren's rooms and started to dscuss few things with her.susah jugak bila study awal sgt..by the end of the day, i dont know which and what to revise back.im from science stream bfore, struggling with maths,chmist and physics is dffrent from stdy language =.="

    tq my bestest sis :)))))
    all the best in whatever u r doing ^^

  5. hey..polow ena :P t ena ada hadiah utk awk.


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