Friday, November 4, 2011

identity crisis . my common prob during EXAM

salam sejahtera
peace upon you

first of all
our struggle begins next week

when exam comes nearer
 i'll become crazier than usual
pity my friends
sorry to say but my hormones are not in the right fraction
totally ill-distributed and imbalanced
i got sick easily - especially in this kind of weather
almost all the time, i'm not in the mood
this week, is a very tense week for me

i'm not a study type person
i didn't sleep with my books
i never open all the stupid books more than an hour
i can't stay static when i'm studying
10 mins holding the book
15 mins needed to refresh my mind back!
that's why i always go to the library
even though there's nobody to accompany me
pushing myself very hard to wake up early
get ready to meet the lecturers
if i keep staying in my room
i'll get nothing
i'll do nothing except than reading manga online
reading and laughing alone with those stupid novels and comics
blog-walking here and there 
facebooking, stalking people

is it only me or you too did encounter these temptations???

susah nak fokus kan?

this crisis began when i saw my friends study and study and STUDY
and i myself are not ready yet!
i will try to keep myself alone
going here and there
trying to find a right place and time for me to do revision
i'm not stingy, i can share what i know
if people approach me and ask me
i still can treat them well
it's just to soothe my heart anyway

sorry to all my classmates
sorry to all my friends
during this period
i don't keep my phone with me all the time
i just reply what i think i should
this exam include
syllabi for three sems kot!

after all this silly things with examination finish
i'll back to normal
dulu in matriculation pun macam ni jugak

p/s : tak boleh manjakan diri sangat!
sekarang pun bukan nak buka buku..heh


  1. gud luck exam :)

    #oh terlebih matang ? oh ini sudah bagus . haha

  2. maaf..haha..gmbr tuh skadar hiburan semata~yg penting cntent nye kn..huhu
    robotsuperdupercomel and am : tq :) gd luck whatever things u re doing now~

  3. tak suka exam...tolonglah..... mencik mencik mencik hahhahaha


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