Wednesday, November 16, 2011

happy independence day . good bye

salam sejahtera
peace upon you

i cant wait!
i wanna go home, this exact hour if i can
forgot one important thing
to all 3PPISMP TESL students
to everybody that already finished their exam

sitting for the first official exam
plus with syllabi for 3 consecutive sems
and strict lecturers of course =.="
supplied with low grades for assignments
added with last minute studies ( not me k~ )
neutralised with tawakkal and redha
pape pun, 
just wait for our results with doa
pasrah itu penting

exams = cuti
finally, home sweet home
SP Bumi, 9pm
butterworth - kuala terengganu
please pray for my journey

bye beloved maktab
bye beloved friends
my beloved books
bye beloved files yang tebal dan berat
bye my beautiful room
bye my kind and super duper cute roomate zarith
ma'an najah bittaufiq for your exams
bye my stars

   i'll miss you all   

p/s : bermula la episod makan tido makan tido masak =.="
dalam drama | menggemokkan diri | 12am-1159pm | everyday starting tomorrow |


  1. fil imtihan..hehe..bru complete sentence arabic..haha

  2. haha...da letak exam imtihan lg =.="
    ujian dtg berganda2 gitu nnti :)

  3. wow! wish u a happy independence day and hav a great moment of it..i guess the holiday would be quite long right? heehe.. :)

  4. wah!!orang baru nk msuk sem..huhu...enjoy holiday..

  5. makin gemuklah dia nanti mcm cik tikah. haha..

  6. maaf lambat reply ur commnts :)

    ila: thanx dear :)
    milo: sgt panjang! and i already bored here! =.="
    maira: new sem, new allownce :))))) tqvm dear :)
    ciktikah: oh, absolutely lagi besar...siyes =.="


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