Friday, December 23, 2011

ingat senang ke nak MEMILIH?

salam sejahtera
peace upon you

malaysia is hot nowadays isn’t it?
macam mana tak panas, macam-macam maksiat ada kan
last time, maybe yesterday or the day before yesterday,
 i watched law and order suv
it’s about a college girl that dump her baby, a handicapped baby
she believed that ‘thing’ has mutated at a dumpster!
i don’t want to write further about the drama
what can i say is
in Malaysia, it’s not a big deal anymore
i guess, these kind of cases don’t get enough attention anymore
if not, why there are abundant of unsolved cases of baby dumping?
i doubt if there’s a single day without baby dumping case being reported
pusat kebajikan agaknya penuh dengan babies jek
let’s us pray k?
tak nak dah negara ni dapat bencana, tsunami, banjir, taufan and so on

life actually is about choices
those so-called mothers chose to dump their own flesh
malaysia mengalami pertambahan binatang dengan banyaknya dekad ini 

the thing that i don’t understand
given the situation these days,
people still refused to carry out the hudud law
free sex, berkhalwat, rasuah
stupid la to those that think hudud is simply about butchery, cutting hands and such
it’s about prevention and deterrence
bukan bila kena baru nak tengadah
well, why do you have to afraid if you don't do any wrongdoings 
well, as i said before
   life is about choice   
if the upper leaders don’t want to carry out hudud,
which come straight from ALLAH
then start to think which party is a better one than before

lumrah manusia
lama-lama akan ada juga ketidakpuasan di mana-mana, right?
don’t be harsh like this
berpada-pada dan buat pilihan dan keputusan yang betul

other situations involving choices in life,
me, for example
after finishing my matriculation programme
i was in confused mode
i need to choose between two things
i made istiqarah and my prayer was answered
well, i am blessed 

i guess there’s a lot more people who need to make a decision between things
they end up good
so use your ultimate brain, start to make changes
to live a better life

p/s : this is absolutely not a provocation. i just wanna make you think.
please do so 
saya bukan politikus, keep that in your mind.


  1. wow...cik beeskuwt suka tgk LAW N ORDER SUV juga eh...huhu...erm...for new year coming..lets make wise choice!

  2. sedihkan malaysia agama rasmi islam tapi tak guna hukum hudud.

    your english sangat superb(:

  3. dekat malaysia ni..
    banyak sindrom "tak pedulism"

  4. neesa : suka but the problem is TV kt hostel sy xdek astro. sedeh kan? :(

    syasya : saya rasa, sekali hudud dilaksanakan..memang lepas ni dah takde kes zina lagi. mana ade superb, im practising. :)
    (sebenarnya BM saya sgt teruk =.=" )

    TH : kalau students yang belajar separa tinggi like us that made up almost setengah juta orang di msia tak pandai berfikir dan xpeduli...masuk kindergarten balek la :(


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