Thursday, December 15, 2011

talam dua muka : manusia bermuka-muka

salam sejahtera
peace upon you

my fingers are quite stiffed
holidays without assignment is too long i guess
i hardly touch the keyboard in quick and dashing long hours like i used too
i miss my typing-rhythm

anybody remember cedric diggory???
the one from harry potter and the goblet of fire?
he is robert pattinson you know
i just know it about two or three days ago….?
so silly of me
it’s not that important anyway
oh and one of the death eaters
bellatrix lestrange who killed neville longbottom’s mom and dad
is mrs bucket!
charlie bucket’s mom from charlie and the chocolate factory!
i’m sure using time watching those movies are quite effective
at least my time was not wasted just like that

about cedric diggory and edward cullen
most people knew robpat by the name of edward cullen
such a handsome vampire isn’t it?
and cedric diggory?
a really brave and…handsome boy too..?
both characters are too different
not to mention from bellatrix to mrs bucket
actually i always felt some kind of this weird feeling
when i see someone who always appear kind, naive or a-very-good-to-others people
suddenly become aggressive, cruel, hateful-for-others-to-see people
it’s just not right
even though it’s happening in a movie

i wish none of my friends hide their other characters from me
but i do dare to say
sometimes i am hypocrite
and for some reason, to me
hypocrisy is ok!
of course for a good reason
it’s alright if you want others to see you as kind, friendly and so on
hide the characters that people or perhaps you yourself despise
as time move on, you will suit yourself with that particular characteristic
 the other character that you despised before
insyaAllah, will no longer become a part of you
: this is my opinion only :

untuk mereka yang beranggapan
“you are fake, i hate fake people”
“hypocrites won’t last long, people will see your true colors”
“macam la kau baik sangat, plastic!”
you will see
the after-effects: to you, yourselves. also to the one that being hypocrite

kalau dah tahu "muka" tu buruk,
cover sikit supaya orang lain selesa dengan kita rasanya tak salah kan?
asalkan kita pun gembira
mana tahu mungkin topeng yg digunakan akan melekat terus

for my last words :
hypocrites, please maintain it
so people won’t know that you are acting
and you can help yourselves to get a better character
in real life..not in a movie of course
when people said something – that’s not good to hear
just ignore them
they are jealous of you
because they do not have the strength to act
they do not have the confidence to become a better person

p/s : mari berubah 
if hypocrisy can help, why don’t you use it?


  1. di dunia ini...manusia banyak yg melakonkan watak..jika ianya baik..istiqamahlah ettapi jika sebaliknya sama-samalah berubah ke arah kebaikan...:)

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  3. susah nk ignore pe org ckp. bagi cik tikah la. hehe

  4. hm..
    ade benarnye kata2 mu ini..

    p/s: whoaa.. u just knew bout edward n cedric org yg sama? oookayy..:)


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