Monday, June 4, 2012

glooomy holiday~missing some days!


salam sejahtera
peace upon you

it’s holiday
but i’m not enjoying my holiday at all
for the first three days, yes i did enjoying it
gloooooooooomy days
started to miss everybody
i miss my path to the class
(saya selalu berseorangan bila ke kelas, i got nobody to miss for this event..hahaha

i miss my roomate
my dear cutey kitty
    zarith sofia   
rather than chatting with you
 i was weeping and crying in the room
for days and nights that i had leaved you alone
you are my wonderful roomate
you word means a lot for me whenever i that i was too weak
thank you so much

i miss my classmates
i think...for the past few weeks i got complexes towards them all
maybe because i didnt spend any valuable time with them
i kept myself busy with other things which i think more important
skipping classes
try to catch up thus ignoring others
we didnt even have time to chatting like we used to
i know...i always made somebody hurt
some might thought that im a jerk
for others that understand me in a way that others dont
thank you
even though you dont have the courage to stand up for me
but sympathy and pity is not enough for somebody who you consider a friend
my classmates for 4 years more
i love you all
its ok for you to badmouth me
tak luak pun kalau korang mengata
for love doesnt count all those silly things
we will forget bitter times and keep in mind the sweet and creamy moments

some of my dears

this sem is the toughest sem for me
i think i have turn out being sensitive person
before this i dont care what people are saying to me
backstabbers and those who talk bad things about me
i never disregard you
its your opinion and its your nature to have stinky mouths
but now,
i feel hurt
there are times i heard some gossips that are too outrageous
about me which i dont even know where or when or how it happen
people love making stories right?

regardless of what people did or say
i have usrati
a family which i know they will always stand up for me
cheer me up even its the worst time of my life
cry and weep with me
help me whenever i’m in need
never diregard me when im the one at fault
ukhuwwah kerana islam sangat bermakna
for years i had been searching for a true friends
i belive that i had found them
thank you for encouraging me
to be a better person
helping me to istiqamah in my way to be a better muslimah
uhibbuki fillah abadan abada

as for you
maaf sangat-sangat
kadang-kadang aku marah sebab perkara tak berasas
kecil hati dengan benda yang langsung tak logik
memandai buat hypothesis sendiri tanpa mencari conclusion
kekadang berlagak mcm tak kenal pun mu kan...
aku tak dapat jadi peneman baik
menyusahkan dan menyakitkan hati
terima kasih
marah bila aku buat silap
tegur bila aku melampau
kritik bila aku melebih-lebih
kadang-kadang aku rasa restricted tapi in a good way
mu dah macam ayah aku..haha
most important, thank you for your patience
dan aku harap akan terus bersabar neh 

1 pismp..done
seven sems to go!

p/s : i love you


  1. love you too dear...harap tiada yg jealous...hehe

  2. singgah komen kat sini jom sini lak ye :)

  3. all the best dear. belajar elok elok :)

  4. hee..akak de 3sem lagi ni..kih2..ipg mne tu ?

  5. =) barakalahhufik.. moga tsabat dan istiqamah dalam perjuangan.. beradalah pada nilaian pandangan ALLAH.. bukannya pandangan mata manusia... be strong dear.. luv U..- ukht nurul hidayah-


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