Monday, October 31, 2011

empty thought : a need to brainwash yourselves

salam sejahtera
peace upon you

i really hate it when i have nothing in mind 
when people asked me something which you too will feel like a s**t
questions like,

sebenarnya, apa tujuan awak berada di maktab ni?
apa tujuan awak wujud di dunia ni?
semua manusia ada tujuan untuk hidup, so, what's yours?

to those that already have life plan 
which are not disturbed by any distraction
no obstacle at all
even you have, you still can overcome it
you are not included in this heart-broken session with me
nak jadi anak solehah
nak jadi cikgu cemerlang
nak jadi isteri dan ibu mithali
nak jadi sehebat Siti Fatimah r.a

if that is your answer
if no effort are taken to make it a reality
 to most people, it's just a promise uttered by your mouths 
not by your heart, not by you yourselves
your answer just to comfort yourselves
just to show that at least you have something you want to achieve
in fact, you never give it really serious thought!

untuk saya
yang life plan yang dulunya dirancang dengan teliti sudah hancur musnah
cebisan-cebisan memori lama masih berguna untuk dicantum kembali
i'm trying hard to paste them on a piece of empty thought
so that when people ask me this question again
i will have a solid answer and i can tell them with proud
apa tujuan saya berada di sini
berdiri megah di muka bumi milik Tuhan

you too
i knew,
when people asked you that kind of questions
first, you have nothing in mind
if you do have something
you cant tell them with confident
because yourselves dont have confident!
whether you can do it or not
dont ask me how i knew, cause i just know
even you yourselves dont trust 'you' to make it true

 it is hard to accept but remember, reality's hurt 
the only solution,
think, with healthy mind,
what is the reason behind your existence
cukupkah sekadar hidup bahagia, senangkan hidup ibu bapa?
cukupkah sekadar mencapai cita-cita yang selama ini diimpikan?
mana khidmat anda kepada masyarakat?
mana jasa anda pada agama?
mana bakti anda pada negara?
do i need to consider all that nonsense???
yes, you do!

if years before,
when my teacher asked me,
what is your ambition,
I would copy the answer from my friend 
which i think she's/he's the most brilliant person in the class
funny right?

i need to think and revise back my whole years
born on this Earth

p/s : study week during raining season = studo~

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  1. ape yg kite plan,ape yg dibuat, msti kene revise balik,.muhasabah diri,.


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